How Long Does It Take to Order a Car?

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With the automotive inventory shortage, many Carmel drivers who want a new vehicle like yourself are considering a custom order instead of just going to a local dealership to pick out a model. But how long does it take to order a car? The time can vary depending on several factors like the make and model, but ordering a car from the factory will likely take about 6 to 8 weeks until it arrives at your dealership. If your order has to be imported, you can expect to wait a few months. Regardless, you should be mindful that it may take months until you can drive the car around Fishers. So do you still want to custom order your new Honda vehicle? See other factors in addition to time that you should consider when thinking about ordering a car from the factory below!

Pros vs. Cons of Ordering a Car from the Factory

There’s always two sides to a scenario and that’s the same with ordering a car from the factory. Depending on what you value the most, you will either find custom ordering a vehicle to be worth your while or not. Below are things to consider before ordering a car from the factory: 

Getting the Model You Want

Given the car inventory shortage, an order is more accessible than before and makes it more possible for you to get the exact model that you want. You can build the model how you want it down to a specific feature that you just need to have in your next vehicle. However, you might not always get what you ordered precisely as manufacturers may not always have the right parts available. 

The Time Until You Can Drive Your New Car

If you care about having an exact model, then you’ll find a few weeks or even months to be worth the wait for your next vehicle. You can also figure out what model you want beforehand and order it months prior, so you can make the transition into your new car in a timeline that works for you. Take your time to consider if you want a certain model so bad that you’d wait for it. If not and you have other models in mind that you would love to drive in, you can consider those, especially if they’re available at lots near Westfield.

Penske Honda Will Help You Secure Your Dream Honda Vehicle! 

While we can help you place a custom order for your new Honda car, that’s not the only way we can ensure you get your hands on your favorite model! Here are all of the ways we are doing to get all of our customers into a car that they love in addition to a custom build: 

  • Our Current Inventory: Despite the shortage, we work hard to get more vehicles in stock. Contact our sales team to learn more about which new and used Honda models are currently available at Penske Honda.
  • Incoming Vehicles: Don’t see the new Honda you want in stock? Be sure to see if a model is coming in soon! This way, you’d still be able to test drive the car before making a purchase. We always keep this information up to date, so you can check and know as soon as possible. 
  • Checking Availability Beyond Our Lot: That’s right! We will broaden our search and see if we can get a hold of what you’re looking for in nearby areas or even in another state with our vehicle finder service

Choose to Work With Penske Honda Today

Shopping for your dream car nowadays can be challenging, but when you choose to work with a dedicated dealership, it’s possible! Partner up with Penske Honda and reach out to tell us what you have in mind and we will start working on finding that vehicle for you.


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